Sunday, January 14, 2018

#241 Rollie Fingers

HOF career with a trademark handlebar of the early great releivers...wasn’t always so....started as promising hurler who was not settled on a role....Mostly relief in ’69, part time starter in ’70....after a handful of starts 1971, started full time bullpen beginning a historic run....solidify his status as the #1 A’s closer in 72 reaching over 20 saves for the first time....took on the burden of Oakland’s first WS.....saves two games in the A's victory.....improves further in 1973 but his saves are eclipsed by John Hiller’s outstanding season....consistent top tier work over the next years but also growing discontent with the Finley ownership....Did not talk to Finley for last two A’s seasons....Was part of a midseason fire sale to the Red Sox tin 1976 that was nullified by the baseball commissioner....Rollie wore the Red Sox uniform but never played....Once out of contract took the highest bidder the SD Padres....Proceeded to lead NL in saves for two years....faltered a bit in 1979.....was traded to St Louis in after 1980 only to be immediately turned to Milwaukee....embarked one of most perfect relief season in 1981....28 saves and 1.04 ERA in a strike shortened season....Brewers were able to make post season for first time....performance result Cy Young award....Fingers and the Brewers were able to take the AL east outright in 1982....Rollie’s season is strong with 29 saves one more than his Cy Young year but suffers a shoulder injury that knocks him out of playoffs and subsequent 1983 season....Rollie comes back with but the Brewers in 1984 but their winning ways were grossly eroded rendering his sub 2.00 ERA and 23 saves inconsequential....nothing left in the tank in 1985 with a +5.00 ERA ushered his release....HOF class of 1992

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