Sunday, August 13, 2017

#293  Danny Frisella #294 Danny Frisella  In Action

 Vagabond reliever who had an up and down career overshadowed by his tragic unusual death while driving a dune buggy outside his Phoenix home…took place Jan 1 , 1977….his beginnings were as a  Mets prospect….worked his way to the big club splitting time with AAA club 1967-68….got in enough work to lose Rookie status….sent to AAA for near duration of the 1969 missing out on the Championship run….got big league staying power beginning 1970 after learning forkball from Diego Segui…had best season 1971 with 12 saves and below 2.00 ERA….1972 was able to get 9 saves but arm troubles limited effectiveness…trade to Braves for 73-74 was not fruitful and production regressed…..Resurfaced in San Diego 1975 where his numbers improved but went to St Louis as his next stop….after limited work was sent to Brewers mid season….decent number in what would be his final year.


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