Monday, August 28, 2017

#287 Jim Hardin 

One and one half year wonder out of the gate 1967-68….coasted to stick around for five more years with limited effectiveness…aloof and sometimes distant from teammates…oh so good in 68, went 17-8 with five weeks left in season..Ran out of gas and only won one game thereafter giving Jim 18 wins….Indicative of his career too….Could not get untracked in 1969 and 1970….Won 6 games each year and totally eclipsed by Bird Hill Ace peers….trade to mid-year 1971 Yankees was highly unproductive..Released and was taken off the retread pile by the Braves….Was able to reach 5 victories with 2 losses in last season...his 4.50 ERA indicate record was buoyed by Atlanta run support….Died in plane crash 1991…it was said about the tragedy that Hardin fought the controls of the plane to avoid crashing into children playing on a baseball diamond. 

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