Monday, July 17, 2017

#311 Clay Carroll #312 Clay Carroll In Action

Ace reliever who took over as the anchor of the Reds bullpen an\ quiet, unsung asset...Carroll’s story starts with cups of coffee with the Braves waning years in Milwaukee....Took top spot in bullpen immediately once the Braves moved south.... Led NL pitchers in games 1966....suffered a terrible 1967....started 1968 with Braves but did not show improvement...flipped to the Reds early in the year where he immediately turned tables....a work horse tandem with Wayne Granger 1969-71 each alternating the closer role....Granger’s departure to the 1972 Twins put sole spotlight on Carroll, who responded with a NL best 37 saves and the NL Fireman award....Reds return to WS....held his part of the bargain in playoffs surrendering 5 runs in 32 innings....Carroll maintain a consistent status quo for the Redlegs up to 1976....that year traded to White Sox as Cincinnati was leaning towards a youth movement then a year later landed in St Louis both locations kept ERA in around 2.5 runs per game....took brief return to Chisox as they made an unexpected playoff run 1977...age caught up and finished out career with a few games for Pittsburgh.

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