Monday, June 5, 2017

#327  Steve Stone

An interesting man on three levels....Somewhat of a renaissance man, well educated and articulate, a poet.....Post baseball career a longer White Sox colorman....As a baseball player on its own one milestone standout....A long career in broadcasting and ne season in a otherwise up and down career with wider range between the points than most of his like good in 1980 racking up 25 wins and the AL Cy Young.....lows: was the immediate career ending injury and loss of effectiveness....rookie debut 1971 San Francisco Giants....not fully ingrained with the rotation....traded to White Sox for 1973 with lesser results....took cross town flight to Cubs 1973-6 with mixed results... a two time free agent first was the reacquisition by the pale sox brought his first 15 game win season in 1977...lower ERA in 1978 but won 3 less games victim of the Sox being bled white offensively....Second free agency landed Stone in Baltimore....OK at 11-7 as a fourth starter in 1979 but blossomed into a force 1980....25-7 record, best in AL with a Cy Young award on a Faustian twist, an encore never materialized....developed arm trouble and never got untracked....retired from playing after 1981....A winning career line at 107-93 W-L, minus 1980 it would have been 82-86.  

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