Wednesday, May 3, 2017

#338 Bobby Grich

Steadily being groomed to star in the stalwart Oriole infield…In accordance to Oriole standards drafted as an exceptional fielder, plucked out of UCLA….the next big thing in the eyes of Baltimore’s front office and MLB onlookers….teeming with talent as evidenced by three progressively excellent, consecutive, stints in the minors…was hitting .383 in AAA when called up in 1970….jacked up the offensive numbers in the return visit 1971 with 32 home runs and .334 BA best in the IL circuit…right man at the right time, called up for good in 1972, his .278 BA came to rescue of anemic production by both SS Mark Belanger and 2nd baseman Davey Johnson….hit a 100 and 58 points better than his teammates respectively…with Johnson’s exit in 1973 took over 2nd,  allowing him to settle into one position….start of 4 straight gold gloves and consistently solid batting…tested the free agency water and returned to his native So Cal as the California Angels invested heavily via Gene Autry’s bank account…an early on injury as a Halo put a two year delay on the investment return….came back with a vengeance 1979 with career year based on 30 home runs and 101 RBIs…achieved this while batting 8th propelling the Angels into the playoffs for the first time…that year jump started a resurgence exceeding his early Oriole days…was AL leading slugger and in four way tie for home run crown in strike shorten 1981….continued to contribute for the Angels up to being released after 1986 season, wrapping up a 17 year career.

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