Saturday, May 6, 2017

#337 Mike Kilkenny

Card collectors know of a wild premonition come true...the trivia questionon the of his back 1972 card asks the question of which pitchers had previously for four teams in a season....Low and behold started his bizarre 1972 in Detroit: pitched one inning, traded to Oakland:  pitched one inning, traded to San Diego whereas he fashions a 5 game, 4 1/3 inning NL career....the circus stopped with a trade to Cleveland, where he remains for the rest of the year...four teams in the span of May 9th to June 11th, 1972....still tied for the record for most teams in a season with 10 others....A Canadian who crossed over the Detroit River to Tiger eclectic sportsman...good golfer and has owned harness race horses....skinny as a rail....came up to Detroit with standard farm stops in Lakeland (Fla), Montgomery (AL), Evansville (ID), and Toledo....called up 1969 and his rookie season was head and shoulders above subsequent seasons....8-6 record, 3.35 ERA, and Tiger Rookie of the two seasons had similar win pct but with considerably engorged ERA and fewer wins....Once with the Indians, did OK for Indians;  4-1 W-L, 3.54 ERA....maybe tired from the previous year, maybe distracted by other interests, got caught up contract and playing time dispute in 1973 and left after a few days.....the great question with Kilkenny is however, is his favorite TV show South Park?

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