Thursday, February 16, 2017

#369 Jim Lefebvre

If there is one team associated with the Rookie of year award it would be the Dodgers....Jim was the second Los Angeles based recipient of the award....his numbers weren’t awe inspiring (Joe Morgan had better numbers in 1965).....but maybe it was his bat’s contribution that was so highly relevant to an offensively starved club in pitching rich era....Decent seasons followed as Boys in Blue maintain their pitching first policy...A 2nd baseman by trade but flip flopped to 3rd every other year....reached the end of the line with a subpar 1972 as did some of his teammates making way for the Buckners, Russells and Garveys to take over... became an American import to Japan...later skippered the Mariners, Cubs, and Brewers to forgettable season....California born and team for entire playing career.

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