Thursday, November 24, 2016

#398 Larry Hisle

To me  this one greatest returns on a minor league trade ever by the Twins....Seemingly had two careers maybe three...Broke in as a highly touted, can’t miss Phillie....Strong Rookie season with good power and decent average...batting average crashed the  next 2 seasons in Philly...was sent to minors 1971...hit well there so he was still considered a prospect....traded to LA for 1972....spent entire season as one of the top AAA hitters....but no fall call season was traded to Cardinals and then quickly flipped to the opportunity at the right right in and each season was an improvement from the previous....1977 was his best and last year in Minnesota when he led the AL in 117 RBIs….took the free agent route to land across state lines in Milwaukee….1978 produced nearly identical numbers from the year before, propelling the Brew Crew to the upper echelon of AL East ….fast start to 1979 derailed by a torn rotator cuff and lost for the season….never had a recovery of any significance…short comebacks marred by re-injury ending in 1982…..continued with baseball related employment but has remained in the Milwaukee area….manufactures and markets bat grips.

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