Saturday, October 8, 2016

#413 White Sox Rookie Card

The card shows two short timers….Don Eddy and Dave Lemonds; non descript hurlers that were both done with the majors in 1971 and 1972 respectively…. Eddy never got out of rookie status….had two great minor league seasons to his resume…an 18-3 record in Class A ball 1969…In characteristic White Sox fashion (see Rich Gossage) makes the 1970 White Sox team….returned to minors and a had 1.06 ERA in AAA….prompted another opening day roster in 1971 stayed with the club the first three months … returned to minors and had a 6.84 AAA ERA…. Given this probably didn’t deserve spot on a rookie card…Time with the White Sox decent in a limited role 2.36 ERA…Lemonds' claim to fame is one at bat, one hit 1.000 BA….Dave stayed with the club for duration of 1972…relief initially leading to spot starts....4-7 plus a 2.95 ERA…general assumption is injured in 1973 because he pitched 8 innings total in AAA....failed in comeback 1974 toiling in the White Sox then Cubs farm summary minor league body of work was run of the mill…first worked in the Cubs system and was a pitcher of record in 1969.

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