Sunday, July 17, 2016

#451 Tony LaRussa....

This is not about his playing career....Like him or hate him, he’s a great manager who gets the most out of his teams and psyches out the competition....HOF a player not even close...the best one can say is that he was doggedly persistent...played 16 seasons mostly in minors spanning 1962 to 1977, hit OK but never played long....Career MLB BA 173 at bats...played in one more game after this card came out that being the Cubs in 1973.......but off the field very intelligent....graduated from law school 1977....could have pursued the Bar but opted for managing White Sox AA club in Knoxville for 1978...A very young 34 when he was a mid season replacement for a floundering White Sox club best know that year for Disco Demolition....goes through growing pains but the Bill Veck led management  stays with him...The Southside Hitmen get better...patience paid off in 1983 with White Sox first post season play in 24 years....after a  poor start in 1986 is let go....  Promptly hired by A’s who stayed with him for the first decade of his playing days....during his time, A’s were 9 games over .500....Starting in 1988 oversees a AL West juggernaught with 3 pennants and WS win....A’s fortunes eventually wane and Tony is free once more after the 1995 season....St Louis comes calling...Captains the helm for 16 season, finishing first for 9 seasons...World Series wins in 2006 and 2011 his final? season.

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