Thursday, May 12, 2016

#472 Phil Gagliano

A highly versatile  reserve who played on mostly winning teams....Italian heritage from Memphis TN....went to same high school as Tim McCraver.....Both signed by the Cardinals organization....funny line by Phil;  “we were the gold dust twins, Tim got the gold, I got the dust”....a prototypical light hitter only had one shot for near regular work in 1965...tapped for 3rd base, but was passed in favor of converted outfielder Mike Shannon and his bat....After 1969 was used very little getting mustering less than 100 plate appearances for the rest of his career....passed from Cards to Cubs in 1970 highlight of an otherwise poor season....rebounded to hit a very efficient .324 with Boston 1971....took his trade to the Reds for 1973.....290 BA ....Swan song season of 1974 hit only .065 but showed an exceptional batting eye by drawing 15 walks, all during pinch hitting duties....put together with 61 plate appearances his OBP was a respectable .370....returned to  St Louis after playing days were over.

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