Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#470 Ray Fosse

Career in one word:  Collison....At the 1970 All Star break Ray seemed  to be on a trajectory for 30+ home run....then the bowl over by Pete Rose.....the persistent question, did it ruin his the time of this card not apparently since he returned to the All Star game and had a fair but the power never came back ....nevertheless an uneven career because various injuries....production dropped in the next two seasons to a lesser .248 playing for both the Tribe and then Oakland...did earn raves for handling of pitchers....this skill was greatly needed to justify work as Ray’s BA plunged to .173 in 74-75....In 1976, Ray was sold back to Cleveland then traded to Mariners... experienced a nice rebound with a .276 average in part time work...Injuries cancelled the 1978 and 1979 comebback attempt with Brewer didn’t take....Only big league player from Marion IL....has a park named after him...Oddly enough Pete spent some time there too.

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