Thursday, March 10, 2016

#500 Joe Torre

"The man"  of 1971....Best hitter of the year and MVP honors...Dominated and had career bests in several categories.....A 366 BA and 137 RBIs.....this upgrade in performance is attributed to losing 30 pounds of weight a year earlier for his conversion to 3rd base....Brooklyn born....Started out in the Milwaukee Braves organization in 1960 his path paved by older brother Frank....tore the cover off the ball in class C Eau Claire, prompting a hit in two At Bats with a last game call up by the Milwaukee....Took a major jump to AAA in 1961 with no problems...hit  a sizzling .342 in 111  At Bats paving his way to permanent call up....started two part time seasons....entered stardom in fourth year hitting .321 and driving in 109 runs....was 5th in 1964 MVP voting too....followed the team to Atlanta for 1966....put up career home run mark of 36....looked like the sky was the limit in Fulton County Stadium bandbox....faltered in next two seasons hitting nearly 40 point less than his first year in Atlanta ....Traded to Cards where he got progressively better in first 3 seasons....follow up seasons 1972-74 were good but paled in comparison to first three in a Cards uniform....Traded to NY Mets where he finished his playing days in a platoon role, but started journey as hometown NY icon....Started as mid season manager for Mets in 1977....losing record for 5 seasons but learned....(get more talent)...fortunes turned  by taking over the Braves and leading them to the post season 1982....Hired by the Cards, he managed every franchise he played for....Glory as a skipper arrives in 1996 when hired by the Yankees....wins 4 WS out of 5....Manages in NY for 12 years.... Finished up managing the assigned to commissioners office....HOF via veteran’s committee....56 years in baseball at the major league level....Despite great World Series managerial record never played in a post season game. 

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