Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#521 Alan Foster

Carved out a modest career spanning 10 seasons....Five  team starting out with the outposts in the  Dodgers farm system....Called to LA for cups of coffee 1967and 1968.... made more permanent residence in 1969 moving up to 3rd starter status in 1970....After materializing 10 wins with his colleagues in Chavez Ravine in 1970 , was traded to Cleveland...So so by Lake Erie with a 8-12 record in 1971....Alan’s 1972 journey to California resulted in banishment to minors aside from 12 innings of work....Purchased on lark by Cardinals and responded with far and away best season at 13-9 and 200 innings....Did not repeat performance in 1974 with 7-10 record....traded to Padres as part of a veteran movement....floundering with 6 wins in two years in abbreviated action....claim to fame: could be the worst airbrush job of the entire 1972 set.

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