Saturday, October 24, 2015

#540 Felix Millan

One of NL’s best in his position at the time….choked up so far on the bat it was a miracle he hit any home runs…hit 22 home runs in 5700+ AB....benefit was excellent bat control  and taking the #1 spot on strikeout to AB ratio...Resume:  Atlanta Braves 1966-1972;  New York Mets 1973-1977....Was a starter starting 1968-1976....consistent hitter with a BA ranging from .257 to .310 those years...also racked up being named to 3 consecutive all star games 1969 to 1971 laced with two Gold Gloves 1969 to 1972...hit very well in two NLCS playoffs not so well in his only in his World Series his successor in Atlanta Dave Johnson, played a couple of years in Japan after his MLB days were over.


  1. He needs two helmets? Never liked him because he went to the Mets and pushed my all-time favorite player (Ken Boswell) out of the starting 2nd base job.

    1. Sounds like you wish he tripped over that other helmet.