Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#539 Terry Forster

Let’s get it out of the open and state the quote from the glib David Letterman...”Fat tub of goo” when in later phase of his career when Terry weighed in at 270 pounds...at the time of 1972 card he was 20 years of age and a trim(er) 210 lbs....Like a lesser Rich Gossage both were a product of the White Sox’s successful overhaul of their pitching staff headed by coach Johnny Sain...OK rookie season of 1971 give his age....Shined in 1972 as the pitching staff made further gains....had 29 saves and was named to all star team....the following years were a mixed bag tarnished by injuries (1975, 1979-81) and  two failed ventures to a starting role (1973, 1976)....1978 was a standout 22 saves, 1.93 ERA closing out a very strong Dodger starting staff...Terry’s years in Atlanta 1983-86 represented his best effort for any team; a 2.29 ERA in 127 games...finished off career with California Angels 1987....exceptionally good hitter, unusual for a relief pitcher, with .397 BA the all time best mark for a player over 50 At Bats....ever.


  1. The "brilliant" Chuck Tanner tried making both Forster and Gossage starters.

  2. If something works once it is often repeated. Wilbur Wood was a success at the reliever to starter so I can see the 1973 try, not so much in 1976. By then Sain was out, maybe Terry had conflicts with him thinking a new coach could be bring success.

  3. Wood was a knuckleballer and Tanner decided that he should throw every three days as a starter.