Saturday, August 29, 2015

#561 Leo Cardenas #562 In Action - Leo Cardenas

AKA 'Chico' in fact real name of Leo did not appear on mainstream cards until 1970….slick fielding shortstop who had pop despite skinny frame…made a lot of errors but got to balls many could not touch…started in Cincinnati organization… played for the 1959-60 Havana Sugar Kings (see Preston Gomez) and political turmoil that ensued…Played a few games in Jersey City as the Kings were a mid season transplant before being called up by the Reds…A bench player at first, became a fixture in Reds infield  1962….held court a short for 7 seasons being named to 3 all star teams and one gold glove….best year was 1966 when he hit 20 HRs…Traded to Twins prior to 1969 and resurrected his career…anchored the Twins infield shoring up a spot vacated by the decline of Zoilo Veralles….after 3 seasons traded to Angels to replace the departing Jim Fergosi….however showed signs of age in the big A….hit .223 with a drop in power…lost starting role as he traded to Cleveland for 1973….One season and Chico moved on to Texas for sparse time ending in 1976.



  1. That is some airbrush job on the in action card! I don't think I've ever seen this one before.

  2. It's the only in action card that is airbrushed. Tom Haller was also a traded player with an in action card but Topps must have felt there were no Dodger insignia showing so no need for airbrushing.