Saturday, July 11, 2015

#581 Wade Blasingame

Claim to fame...his name was once used in a SNL skit by Will Ferrell….it’s an obscure reference that most people do not get….Lefty...Came up Milwaukee Braves organization mostly through the Texas League alfiliate….mid season callup he won nine games in 1964….Had his career season in 1965 winning 16 games for a disinterested Milwaukee fans who knew their team was leaving for Atlanta….At the time it was considered Wade had one of the best curveballs in NL and one most promising futures….Hard luck followed, first a freak hand injury then shoulder tendonitis took over…never regained effectiveness…Traded to Houston mid season 1967 were he was relegated to the bullpen….Fortunes did not change greatly….Went to minors in 1970….regained curve ball and was able to make his way back to the Astrodome and regained starter status….Pitched 158 innings in 1971 best figure since 1965….Won nine games which equal the total for last four seasons combined…Poor start in 1972 quickly ended his MLB career.

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