Saturday, April 25, 2015

#603 Jim Ray

AKA Ray Gun….One of simplest names ever in baseball….Second “Jim Ray” in this blog the first being Jim Ray Hart.... This Jim Ray played primarily a middle reliever who able gain 43 wins versus 30 losses….when paired against the other Jim Ray, Mr Hart went 0-3 in six plate appearences but was able to drive in two runs…. far and away best season was 1971 when he went 10-4 and 2.12 ERA….downside of that all but 14 of his 47 appearance were in Astro losses....all other seasons were mixed…Even though ERA nearly doubled in 1972 had 8 saves....25 saves in 308 appearances….hard throwing was able to strike out 115 in 115 innings in 1969…finished with a short stint for the 1974 edition of the Detroit Tigers....strong career W-L record at 43-30.

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