Tuesday, December 30, 2014

#638 Ken Wright

A marginal pitcher who never established himself as a starter or reliever…alternated years as a reliever then as a reliever/starter…five year player who spent most of his time, four seasons, in KC…started in Red Sox organization a year before the amateur draft…came to KC in rule 5 draft …last professional season he started with the Yankees along with Lou Pinella in trade for Lindsay McDaniel…had a month stint in NYC then traded …Played the last part of 1974 at AAA Sacremento in a converted football stadium resulting in all offense scenario…had 10.05 ERA on team with a 6.70 ERA… finished mlb career with  11-15 W-L record and a 4.53 ERA


  1. Should be Lindy (Lyndall) McDaniel. Lindsay McDaniel apparently is a photographer according to Google.

  2. you're right its Lindy and to think I have his 1970 and 1975 cards lying around the house.