Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#689 Eddie Fisher

Not Princess Leia’s real life dad / famous crooner…knuckleball reliever…premier fireman of the early to mid sixties for the stingy White Sox pitching staff…Product of University of Oklahoma….Started in the Giants organization, effective starter in the minors but never really caught on in the City….Trade to Chicago made his career….gets full time work interspersing relief and spot starts…has a career year in 1965 garnering 15 wins, 24 saves, and appearing in 82 games then a major league record….Starts 1966 even stronger but is shipped to Baltimore after 18 games…appears in 44 more games for the Orioles on route to the World Series…Does not play in the WS but then again Baltimore only used four pitchers in a four game sweep…After one more year in Baltimore he was traded to Cleveland for 1968…was acquired by the Angels for 1969…Started a four year stint with the halos in a bullpen by committee situation….Returned to the White Sox for the tail end of 1972 mostly pressed into a  starter….Finished the season with a 4-6 record his only sub .500 year…returned to the pale hose the following season as part of pitching coach Johnny Sain’s vision of a three man (mostly) knuckleballer rotation….Experiment failed and Fisher’s ERA went up by a run per game….finished off the 1973 season and career by appearing in six games with St Louis....had a career total of 85 wins and 70 losses. 

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