Sunday, January 19, 2014

#743 César Gutiérrez

Seemingly everybody has a claim to fame or a mystery…maybe for a day...As a Tiger, Cesar's claim to fame was going 7 for 7 with six singles and one double…June21, 1970 second half of a twin bill with Cleveland…Raised his BA by 31 points to .243…In 1970 it took 96 at bats and three seasons to get first RBI…next season was bounced by Ed Brinkman was sold to Montreal… A beneficiary of the 1969 expansion… was stuck as a San Francisco farmhand (much like minor league teammate Gil Garrido)…he was traded to the Tigers to settle their shortstop position then positioned by a aging Tom Tresh and reluctant Mikey Stanley…Cesar had  no home runs in 800 AB…Never played for Expos…may have never appeared in a Expo uniform as evidenced by the not very well covered up Detroit uniform on this some high number cases photo were taken from 1972 spring training…played a few games in Montreal Pennisula AAA club but mostly finished up in Padres farm system in 1972.

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