Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#748 Phil Henningan

Even though the Indians of the early 70’s were by in large unsuccessful squads they still have points of interest…Ken Harrelson turns pro golf, Tony Horton quits, Ray Fosse collision with Pete Rose and the fireball thrower Sudden Sam McDowell…and a pitching youth movement who came up seemingly simultaneously the year before....notiably in the bullpen, Ed Farmer, Steve Mingori, and …the Tribe’s top reliever for 1971 Phil Hennigan …14 saves but a less than impressive 4.97 ERA… also 5th  in AL game appearences ....next year Hennigan’s appearances and saves are cut nearly in half but so is his ERA. ..Hennigan's win loss record with the tribe is 17-10 pretty good for teams that lost more than won…He is traded to the Mets after the 72 season but is ushered out of baseball after an 0-4 start.  

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  1. Hello! I started an 70's Atlanta Braves blog and I have been happy to come across your blog on the '72 set. I love the higher number cards (I know that may sound weird). Good luck and I will be back.