Thursday, October 3, 2013

#778 Twins Rookie Stars

Here my first attempt at a Rookie Card....
I never had this Twins rookie card but I'd loved to have it growing up in Central rookie cards go it's fairly typical in terms of the overall players careers.  A short timer (Strickland), a 3-4 MLB year career man (Albury) and Rick Dempsey, who logged in over 20 years as a sometime starter but a pretty memorable backstop.....So let’s start with Rick…As far as Dempsey and the Twins they never quite meshed.   Over four seasons as cup of coffee guy, Rick had 66 Abs, no homers, no runs batted in and was pretty much off the radar buried behind several backstops, Mitterwald, Borgman, Phil Roof, Paul Ratliff, even Tom Tichinski and catcher convert Danny Walton…having grown up and following the Twins closely I had never heard of him before leaving for greener pastures. ..Dempsey then get traded to the NY Yankees before the 1973 seasib and while he never becomes a regular he is serviceable as Thurman Munson's backup....Then in 1976 he was part the trade to Baltimore  It is here Dempsey makes a name for himself for most of the eighties....Most memorable, sometime in the early 80’s, there was a rain delay in regular season game, Dempsey takes it upon himself to stuff his gut, walk out to the tarp and pantomime a comical home run trot…For the time it was viral been the put in blooper reels, TWIB, and TV rain delay footage…I wonder what the grounds crew thought.. The other moment was after being named 1983 World Series MVP Rick received a phone call from President Reagan, Rick then proceeded to tell how the Russians would be better off if they played baseball…Rick appears to be never at the loss for words…

Albury did not make it to the Twins in 1972 and most of 1973, but able to be a regular Twins spot starter middle reliever for about 3 years.   He was primarily a reliever in the minors.  I often confuse him with Twin Ray Corbin had a similar role around the same time.  The background of pictures is that of Orlando Tinker field…which was dwarfed  by the adjacent Orlando Citrus Bowl

Strickland appears to have trouble with injuries, collects a  4-2 record in 60 games.  Strickland appearance in this RC is somewhat of a misnomer for he appeared in 24 games and 31 innings during 1971 campaign.  Started as a Dodger farmhand and ended career in Cleveland organization

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