Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#784 Ken Aspromonte…

1st year manager Cleveland Indians....another brother act like the Brinkmans…Ken was the older brother to Bob (#759 also a high number) who was probably the more famous of the two…Held counsel on three full losing season for the tribe…His seasons were enhanced due to Gaylord Perry’s presence, lord knows what they would have been like without him…A luxury not the previous mangers did not have…Interesting background picture that is mysterious with its barren trees, small houses, and generally non Spring Training…Looks like the backdrop of the movies Mystic River or the Deer Hunter or my home town (down by the dam) but not the traditional Florida or Arizona settings of spring training…Ed Leon, Steve Hargan, Ed Farmer, Steve Mingori cards have similar card backdrops but Aspromonte’s doesn’t even appear to be a ballpark its more of the likes of the poor side of town…In 1971 Ken managed at Wichita (also a losing season, in fact he had only one winning season in 7 years of managing) so the picture would not have been taken at that year’s preseason…still alive along with his brother....Batting champ of the PCL in 1957, the last year of what it considered the circuit's golden age   

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